3 Tips about Automatic Openers

3 Tips about Automatic Openers

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If you’re the proud owner of an automatic garage door opener then you would likely enjoy learning a few handy tips which can completely transform the way you use it. These tips will help you keep an eye on the safety of your system, keep things working during an emergency and transform your system to bring it into the twenty first century with gadgets that will make your garage feel like a space-ship. So if you’re looking to learn a bit more about your system, at home or at the office, have a read through some of these handy tips, provided by “Garage Door Repair Sanford”.

Testing the Reverse Function


Automatic Opener Tips

For those with small children or expensive cars who want to be proactive in avoiding any unnecessary accidents caused by faulty garage doors, safety features such as safety sensors and reverse functions can be easily tested at home.

Test the reverse function by rolling bath towels up and putting them on the floor where your door normally comes down. The pressure caused by the contact with the towels when the garage closes, should cause the reverse function to kick in immediately, if it doesn’t, you should probably look for an opener repair company to take a look.

Test the sensors by simply standing between them when you close the door. A properly functioning door should reverse its function as soon as the beam is obstructed. If it doesn’t it might be a danger.

Opening your door when the power is out

If you often suffer power outages, it might be worth your while to get a generator to make sure your entrance is always adequately powered. If you don’t normally have this problem, it probably isn’t worth your while getting one. But if the power should trip and you don’t have an alternative power source, pretty much every automatic opener system should come with a manual override lever or button that will allow you to operate the door the traditional way, by putting your back into it.

Getting rid of those old remote controls

A common problem of many automated system owners is that remotes tend to go on little adventures without coming back. This isn’t ideal because aside from being a major inconvenience for you, it leaves the security of your home at the mercy of whoever discovers your garage door clicker.
Opting for an opener receiver that works with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is a fantastic way to use your mobile phones to open your entrance. We tend to take pretty good care of our mobiles, better care than we do for remotes anyway.

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