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How does garage door insulation help me today?

This is one of the critical considerations that our specialists in Sanford look at during installations. Insulation will reduce heating and cooling bills on the property significantly. It may actually be a requirement of the building codes that we follow when working on your property. Therefore we advise customers to include it.

Why do I need professional help with my garage door?

Having your door serviced by a professional, whether it’s for installation or repair is a huge advantage as you can be sure that the job will be done right. According to our experts, you actually save time, as well as money, since it prevents problems from arising that may be caused by inexperienced individuals trying to do the job themselves.

What could be the problem if my garage door only slightly opens?

Based from the experience of our specialists, a broken garage door spring could cause this problem. It should be replaced immediately for the door to work properly and to prevent secure issues. If your garage door uses two springs, it is best to have both replaced.

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