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Our team of professional technicians is here to assist you with garage door spring replacements, maintenance and installations. Call us now for more information about our services.

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Garage door springs are some of the most important safety and functionality components in your doors, and so you cannot afford to let them deteriorate and fail. Springs perform the task of keeping your doors properly balanced and aligned, while making sure that they are properly secured to their frame, enabling your door to be operated safely and without risk of injury or damage to property. So, speak to us today for assistance if your springs need a little work.Garage Door Springs

Installing New Garage Door Springs

If you are looking to have a new set of extension or torsion coil trampoline springs installed to your door, our technicians have the skill and experience necessary to get it done safely. Going DIY when performing installations can be a little tricky and not to mention dangerous, so when you need it done, rather have a technician handle it for you.

Maintaining Your Springs

Trust our technicians to assist you with keeping your springs in good order by providing you with regular maintenance and inspections on them. With the correct upkeep, we can help you avoid the cost and hassle of broken garage door springs by ensuring that they are properly maintained and are replaced well before the need to have it done becomes a problem.

Replacing Old Springs

When you need to have old or damaged springs replaced, speak with one of our technicians for assistance with the matter. We are here to assist you with the replacement of garage door torsion springs, extension springs and overhead springs, and can even offer you a sturdier solution with those that are oil tempered or galvanized.

Repairing Your Broken Springs

If you need assistance with overhead and extension spring repairs, our technicians have you covered. A damaged spring could be a warning sign that your entire automated system is in danger, or it could even be a danger to you and your family. So, when your springs start showing signs of rust, corrosion or stress, be sure to have one of our technicians look at it for you.

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So, give us a call today for more information regarding our repair, maintenance and replacement services for garage door springs. Garage Door Repair Sanford has everything you need to ensure that the job gets done correctly,so speak with one of our consultants today for advice or information.

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